CB Steel Whip Antenna

JINBO Mobile CB Trucker Antenna M2943 Specifications: · Stainless Steel Centre Loaded Coil. · 5 Shaft and 49 inch Stainless Steel Whip. · Rated at 3500 Watts. · Standard 3/8 X 24 Chromed Brass Ferrule. · Larger Coil Housing Allows for Increased Power Handling. · Patented Low Loss Air Wound Coil...

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JINBO Mobile CB Trucker Antenna M2943 


· Stainless Steel Centre Loaded Coil.

· 5 Shaft and 49 inch Stainless Steel Whip.

· Rated at 3500 Watts.

· Standard 3/8 X 24 Chromed Brass Ferrule.

· Larger Coil Housing Allows for Increased Power Handling.

· Patented Low Loss Air Wound Coil Design.

· Uses 10-Gauge Silver Plated Wire.

· Black Coil is Made of High Impact Engineered Thermoplastic.

· Frequency Range: 26MHz to 30MHz.

· Colors can be black, white and red.



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