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JINBO POWERFUL UNIVERSAL MAGNET MOUNT OIL ANTENNA FOR CAR ROOF JBA-247 Specification: Function: 27MHZ Mast sections: 1 Extended length: 51 inch Cable length: 204 inch Connector: PL-259 Remark: Φ120mm Packing: 1pcs/double blister Carton: 114X19X29cm/8pcs Products Features: - 54” center coil...

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Function: 27MHZ

Mast sections: 1

Extended length: 51 inch

Cable length: 204 inch

Connector: PL-259

Remark: Φ120mm

Packing: 1pcs/double blister

Carton: 114X19X29cm/8pcs

Products Features:

- 54” center coil loaded antenna

- Stainless steel “anti-rust” shaft and whip

- Center coil cooled by oil


Installation Instructions:


- Don’t remove the foil covering on the bottom of the magnet housing. The foil helps protect the car’s finish and makes a good “capacitive” ground.

- Don’t shorten the coax cable. It is the proper length for the best performance.

- Before you begin the installation, remove and discard the rubber cap which holds the star washer in place.

1. With the plastic cap and star washer on top of the magnet housing, screw the shock spring into the magnet housing.

2. Screw the coil onto the mounting shaft, then tighten screw B with the supplied hex wrench.

3. Position the antenna on a car roof, trunk lid, or any convenient flat area (the center of the car roof is best). Note: be sure the base and contact areas are dry before you place a magnetically mounted antenna on a car surface.

4. Run the coax cable into the car, preferably through a window opening. If routed through a door opening, tape the cable securely to the door frame. Note: the cable will normally not be damaged by opening and closing the window or door, but route the cable so it is not pinched or cut by this action.

5. Connect the coax cable’s plug to the transceiver’s antenna connector.



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