Antenna retracement

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The antenna's backlash is based on the principle of resonant cavity coherence. The resonator is composed of a main reflector, a sub reflector and a feed. From the slow wave structure of the feed radiation to the main reflector, and then reflected by the main reflector back to the sub-reflector fork is again reflected, so in the resonant cavity along its axial form. Standing wave field. "The formation of the" ferry field is the condition that the distance between the primary and secondary reflectors is an integer multiple of ^ / 2. Since the resonant cavity formed by the backlash antenna is open, the size of each part of the antenna can be appropriately selected to radiate the energy of the resonant cavity into free space to form a sharp beam with its maximum radiation direction along its axis. Since the radiation direction of this antenna is opposite to the radiation direction of the feed, the antenna is seen as "antenna backlit".

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