Car antenna function classification

- Nov 01, 2017 -

A small car antenna, also has a digital radio, mobile TV, GPS navigation system and language recognition and other functions, declare the national invention patent 10. Used to receive and strengthen the radio signal, the current majority of our country signal is very weak, the car needs external antenna, in the signal unstable areas have a great help.

The car antenna is an electrostatic discharge device that relays the static electricity that accumulates in the car's outer shell, protecting the occupant's safety and the car circuit.

Car antenna is designed to be installed in the vehicle on the mobile communication antenna, the most common is the sucker antenna. As the sucker antenna installation is easy, so in some simple set of occasions often use sucker antenna instead of base antenna.

By type:

1, car TV antenna

2, car radio antenna

3, GPS car antenna

4, car anti-static antenna

5, the car automatically telescopic antenna

By installation type:

1, paste type

2, sucker type

3, plug type

4, thread

5, suction roof

6, paste the glass

7, the card side

  • UHF Antenna for Mobile Communication
  • Long Whip CB Antenna
  • Indoor TV Antenna
  • Universal Shark Fin Antenna
  • Decorative Roof Antenna
  • Antenna Gutter Mount

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