Commonly used antenna type

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Commonly used antenna type

Mobile communication commonly used base station antenna, repeater antenna and indoor antenna.

1, plate antenna

Whether GSM or CDMA, the plate antenna is the most commonly used class of extremely important base station antenna. The advantages of this antenna are: high gain, fan-shaped area is good, the back valve is small, vertical surface angle depression control convenience, reliable sealing performance and long service life.

Plate antenna is also often used as a repeater antenna, according to the scope of the role of fan-shaped area, should select the appropriate antenna model.

2, high gain grid

From the performance and price ratio, people often use grid-like parabolic antenna as the repeater donor antenna. Because the paraboloid has a good focusing effect, the parabolic antenna is capable of G = 20dBi in the 900 megahertz frequency band with a 1.5 m diameter parabolic antenna. It is particularly suitable for point-to-point communication, for example, it is often chosen as the donor antenna of the repeater.

3, eight wood directional antenna

Yagi directional antenna, with high gain, light structure, easy to set up, cheap and so on. Thus, it is particularly suitable for point-to-point communication, for example it is the preferred antenna type for outdoor reception antennas for indoor distribution systems.

4, indoor ceiling antenna

Indoor ceiling antenna must have a lightweight structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and so on. Now on the market to see the indoor ceiling antenna, shape a lot of color, but its inner core structure is almost the same.

5, loop antenna

Ring antenna and the human body is very similar, there are ordinary unipolar or multi-level antenna function. Coupled with the small size of small loop antenna, high reliability and low cost, making it ideal for micro-communication products antenna. A typical loop antenna consists of an electrical circuit consisting of copper traces on the circuit board, or a wire made in a loop. The equivalent circuit is equivalent to two series resistance and an inductor in series. Rrad is the loop antenna actually emits energy resistance model, it consumes power is the circuit transmit power.

6, indoor wall antenna

Today's market to see the indoor wall of the antenna, a lot of shape, but the purchase of its core is almost the same. The internal structure of this walled antenna, belonging to the air medium type microstrip antenna. As a result of the expansion of the antenna bandwidth of the auxiliary structure, with the help of computer design, and the use of network analyzers for debugging, it can better meet the requirements of the work of broadband. Incidentally, the indoor wall antenna has a certain gain, about G = 7 dBi.

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