Dual Piston Car Air Compressor

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Dual Piston Air Compressor

There are variations to this approach but the basic principle is the same. Dual-piston compressors are also very common, and they function in the same way as their single-piston counterparts do. The only real difference is there are two strokes per revolution and not one. The most common variation of a dual-piston compressor is the two-stage compressor which uses one piston to pump air into a second cylinder which creates greater pressure.

In order to keep the pressure within the desired limits, and to prevent the tank from exploding each air compressor has a switch which cuts the power to the motor when pressure inside the tank has reached the limit (which is usually around 125 PSI). In order to calibrate the pressure depending on the power tool connected to the compressor there is a regulator as well as gauges before and after the regulator.

These measure the pressure inside the tank and air-line respectively. In case the pressure switch doesn’t go off, there is a safety valve as well as an unloader valve which is there to reduce pressure inside the tank when the compressor is not being used.

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