Mobile Antenna Comparison

- Apr 27, 2018 -

20 antennas were tested to see which ones were the best for receiving. All the antennas are 3/4" Motorola TAD/TAE mount (aka "NMO").

The following lists are ordered as per what you see in the picture (left to right).

ManufacturerModelTypeFreq rating/gain
LarsenNMO-27 (new style)1/4 wave base loaded27-28/0dB
Radiall/LarsenNMO-27B1/4 wave base loaded27-28/0dB
LarsenNMO-30B1/4 wave base loaded30-40/0dB
LarsenNMO-50C1/4 wave base loaded47-54/0dB
LarsenNMO-2/70 (old style)loaded 1/2 (VHF), closed coil collinear (UHF)144-148/6dB 440-450/3.5dB
LarsenNMO-150 (new sytle)5/8 wave base loaded144-148/3dB
LarsenNMO-Q1/4 wave150-170/0dB
LarsenNMO-Q1/4 wave95-105/0dB
Antenna SpecialistsASPRD16151/4 wave430-470/0dB
MaxradBMUF90001/4 wave896-940/0dB
LarsenNMO-4505/8 over 1/2 wave closed coil collinear450-470/3.4dB
MotorolaTDE6082A (?)closed coil collinear460-470/5dB
LarsenNMO-UHF5/8 over 1/4 wave open coil collinear450-470/3.2dB
MaxradBMUF81251/2 over 1/2 over 1/4 wave open coil trilinear806-866/5dB
MaxradBMUF90431/2 over 1/4 wave open coil collinear elevated896-940/3dB
LarsenNMO-8005/8 over 1/2 wave closed coil collinear806-866/3.4dB
Maxradunknown5/8 over 1/2 wave open coil collinear806-866/3.4dB
LarsenNMO3E825B5/8 over 1/4 wave closed coil collinear825-896/3.2dB
LarsenNMO5E825B5/8 over 5/8 over 1/4 wave closed coil trilinear825-896/5dB
MaxradBMAXSCAN1000double 1/2 over 1/4 closed coil collinear (800)VHF/UHF/800


Model  ↓LW  ↓AM  ↓SW  ↓CB  ↓VHF-Lo  ↓FM  ↓Air  ↓VHF-150  ↓VHF-165  ↓VHF-TV  ↓220  ↓MilAir  ↓UHF-Lo  ↓UHF-Hi  ↓UHF-TV  ↓800  ↓900   ↓
NMO-27 (new style)255722---21-2-264
NMO-2/70 (old sytle)--1-2436765288534
NMO-150 (new sytle)26545547555-22111
NMO-Q (150-170)14322454865354544
NMO-Q (95-105)15524653552142535
TDE6082A (?)26535642455154325
Maxrad (800)-3232543665122564

- = Absolutely no reception
1 = Extremely bad reception, you might barely receive some very strong stations.
2 = Bad reception, strong stations come in very weak but can be heard.
3 = Limited range reception, stations come in about 1/4 - 1/2 the strength compared to an average antenna for this band.
4 = Below average reception, stations come in about 3/4 the strength compared to an average antenna for this band.
5 = Average reception. Stations come in at reasonable levels.
6 = Slightly above average reception, perhaps 1/2 to 1 S-Unit above an average antenna.
7 = Above average reception, perhaps 1 to 1.5 S-Units above an average antenna.
8 = Great reception, perhaps 2 S-Units above an average antenna.
9 = Too good to be true.

All tests were done with an AOR-3000 receiver. Minimum of 5 measurements per band from fixed stations at varying distances and power levels.

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