Radio frequency range

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Radio frequency

The radio waves contain a rapidly vibrating magnetic field. The velocity of the vibration is the frequency of the wave, in Hz (Hz). 1 Hz is equal to vibrating every second. One kilohertz (kHz) is equal to 1000 Hz. Different frequency bands are used to transmit a variety of different information.

Radio frequency band

The radio is divided by wavelength and frequency

Long wave: wavelength> 1000, frequency 300KHz-30KHz

Medium wave: wavelength 100M-1000M, frequency 300KHz-3000KHz

Shortwave: wavelength 100M-10M, frequency 3MHz ~ 30MHz

Ultra-shortwave: wavelength 1M-10M, frequency 30MHz-300MHz, also known as VHF (VHF) wave,

Microwave: wavelength 1M-1MM, frequency 300MHz-300KMHz, radio by use points: civil, commercial, military.

Civil: generally refers to we hear wireless radio, generally do not have such a high band

Commercial: Radio used by airports

Military: Military use.

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