The function of the antenna

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Antenna radiation is a radio wave, the receiver is also a radio wave, but the transmitter through the feeder into the antenna is not a radio wave, the receiving antenna can not be directly into the radio by the feeder into the receiver, which must go through the energy conversion process. Here we take a radio communication equipment as an example to analyze the signal transmission process, and then explain the antenna energy conversion.

At the transmitter, the modulated high-frequency oscillating current (energy) generated by the transmitter is fed into the transmitting antenna via a feeding device (the feeding device can transmit the current wave or the electromagnetic wave directly with frequency and form), the transmitting antenna will transmit the high frequency current (Energy) is converted into a high frequency current or a guided wave (energy) by the receiving antenna at the receiving end, and the radio wave (energy) is converted into a high frequency current or a guided wave (energy) The feed device is delivered to the receiver. It can be seen from the above process, the antenna is not only the radiation and receive radio waves device, but also an energy converter, is the circuit and space interface devices.

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