Antenna Invention Process

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The antenna was invented by the Russian scientist Popov.

In 1888, 29-year-old Bobov learned that the famous German physicist Hertz discovered the news of electromagnetic waves, the young scientist who had been determined to promote the electric light to his friends said: "I use my life to install the light, for the vast For Russia, it only illuminates a small corner: if I can command a magnetic wave, it can fly over the whole world!

So, he buried research, launched a new target to the impact.

In 1894, Popov made a radio receiver. The core part of this receiver is an improved metal chip detector, Popov uses an electric bell for the terminal display, the bell hammer can be the detector in the metal chip shock. The bell is driven by an electromagnetic relay. When the metal chip detector detects the electromagnetic wave, the relay turns on and the bell rings.

Once, Bobov found in the experiment, the receiver to detect the distance of radio waves suddenly increased a lot more than usual.

"How is this going on?" Popov Chapel to check, has been unable to find the reason.

One day, Popov inadvertently found a wire on the metal chip detector. He took the wire away, the bell did not ring; he narrowed the experimental distance to the original so close, the bell rang again.

Popov was overjoyed and quickly connected the wire to the metal chip detector and connected the other end of the detector. After re-testing, the results show that the use of the antenna, the signal transmission distance increased dramatically.

The radio antenna comes out of here.

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