Controversial Radio Inventor

- Nov 01, 2017 -

In 1893, Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) in the United States, Missouri, St. Louis, the first public display of radio communications. In the report of the Philadelphia Franklin College and the National Association of Light, he described and demonstrated the basic principles of radiocommunications. The instrument he produced contains all the essential elements of the radio system before the invention of the tube. Nicholas Tesla won the patent for radio technology in the United States in 1897. However, the US Patent Office in 1904 to revoke its patent, instead of granting Marconi invented the radio patent. This move may have been influenced by Marconi's economic backing in the United States, including Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie.

Guglielmo Marconi (also known as Galileo Marconi) has patents that are generally considered to be the world's first radio technology, British Patent No. 12039, "Electric Pulse and Signal Transmission Technical improvements and equipment required ". In fact Marconi just improved the radio.

In 1909, Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the invention of radio telegrams. In 1943, shortly after the death of Nicholas Tesla, the US Supreme Court reaffirmed that Nicholas Tesla's patent was valid. The Supreme Court of the United States admitted that his invention had been completed before Marconi's patent. Some people think that this decision is for economic reasons, so that the US government in World War II can avoid paying the Marconi company royalties.

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