Radio Future Outlook

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Software Radios (SoftwareRadio) is a new change in radiocommunications. Its core technology is to use wideband wireless receiver instead of the original narrowband receiver, the broadband analog / digital and analog / analog converters as close as possible to the antenna, and the radio function as much as possible to use software to achieve The

- The original concept of "software radio" was JeoMitola, which was first presented at the American Communications Systems Conference in May 1992. Soon attracted attention in the world, especially the military's attention. This is because modern military communications have higher requirements for the reliability, compatibility, interoperability, flexibility, and immunity to interference, survivability, security, and security of radiocommunication systems.

US military and Hazeltine have developed a "Speakeasy" (easy to talk) software radio, to achieve the US military common multi-band, multi-functional radio platform, compatible with the army's existing radio stations, can handle 4 or more different modulation waveforms. This kind of radio station can be called a "handheld" with antenna and capable of voice and data transmission. Communications business, including voice, data and video images, is considered to be the future development trend.

- The emergence of software radio is the second change from radio to from software to software, from fixed to mobile, from hardware to software. Is considered to be analog communication technology, digital communication technology after the third generation of wireless communication technology.

- from the already developed software radio station, its structure and function has good scalability, is the future direction of the development of radio communications.

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