Radio Introduced Into China

- Nov 01, 2017 -

In 1898, Marconi opened the world's first radio factory in Hall Street, Chelmsford, England, and employs about 50 people.

Radio has gone from the tube to the transistor, to the integrated circuit, from shortwave to ultrashort wave, to microwave, from analog to digital, from fixed to mobile use and other stages of development, radio technology has become an important pillar of modern information society The

And the Russian inventor Popov, the Russians thought he had invented the radio in 1901.

Guangxu twenty-three years April 1 (May 2, 1897) "Current Affairs reported" published in the 25th edition of the "radio", which is the word radio in China's earliest appearance. Since then, opened the radio telegraph spread through the prelude to the journal. The early spread of wireless telegraph technology mainly to comprehensive journals, mostly for the introduction of new things articles, followed by the introduction of the principle of science and technology papers, many of them the latest technology and the invention of the article. With the development of wireless telegraph technology, the content of the spread in the journal has also changed, there have been many statutory articles. From the late Qing Dynasty periodicals, the article has become a theoretical basis for the emergence of professional journals and the formation of disciplines.

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