Shortened Antenna

- Nov 01, 2017 -

As the vehicle itself is limited high, with too long antenna in the vehicle at high speed when the formation of wind resistance, over the bridge hole, into the underground garage is the problem, so the car antenna is not the longer the better, the general requirements of the car antenna does not exceed 70 cm, The van requires a shorter antenna. Shortened antenna size is small, although the gain is not high, but suitable for use in the need for hidden antenna occasions.

Five fifths of the wavelength and the middle of the sense of type

General police vehicles are recommended to install high-yielding antennas, especially in vehicles with a large range of active areas. The 350MHZ high-gain antenna is divided into five-fifths of the wavelength-added form, at a distance of one half of the distance from the top of the antenna A sense of a coil. 400MHZ band dual half of the wavelength antenna has a high gain, its appearance is the antenna oscillator has two sense of the coil. Five-fifths of the wavelength and the middle of the sense of type also have a higher gain, and the price is cheaper, so get a wide range of use. In the case where the antenna is used as a temporary fixed station, it is conceivable to select a sucker antenna having a high gain, and the length of the antenna need not be excessively limited. Since the sucker antenna is designed according to the environment of the automobile, it is possible to use a metal plate (such as a metal sheet) having a radius of more than 1 m under a fixed use. As the original imported car antenna price is very expensive and the advantages are not prominent, so the general selection of domestic car antenna. The antenna selection stage mainly refers to the appearance and gain of the antenna. Recommended the selection of large manufacturers of brand-name products, they provide the authenticity of the parameters is relatively high, the manufacturing process is also guaranteed. If it is bulk procurement can be professional antenna manufacturers to use the frequency band customization, in order to obtain the best use results.

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