The Application Of Radio In Communication

- Nov 01, 2017 -

In 1983, the United States of America Columbia space shuttle implementation of STS-09 mission, SAREX group (Shuttle / SpaceAmateurRadioExperimentteam) contributed to W5LFL / Owen Garrett (Owen Galriott) became the first astronaut in space amateur astronauts. Owen used a Motorola2 meter FM intercom and a pair of antennas installed on the window. "Here is the W5LFL call on the Columbia space shuttle ...", Owen's spare time in the STS-09 space shuttle mission, with hundreds of QSO on Earth's amateur radio station, creating amateur radio contact in human aerospace History. Since then, the country's amateur radio group, which the United States SAREX, Germany's SAFEX, Russia's MIREX as the core team, continue to develop in the United States space shuttle, Russia's peace space station on the amateur radio communications equipment.

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